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MISION – IVEK’s mission is to increase the development of its clients and partners by engaging the best know-how and offering quality support services for development

activities for the development of an enterprising community.


• COMPETENCY – knowledge and skills with their constant use and development to offer our clients quality services and in order to co-operate with partners.

• OPENNESS – capability to accept outside information and to understand it. Capability to learn constantly and to react flexibly to changes from the environment. Wish to search for and to find new solutions and courage to implement them.

• EFFECTIVENESS – ability to execute effectively projects started by implementing necessary passion and commitment. Ability to use existing information to forecast possible change, to specify aims and consistency to achieve those aims.

• RELIABILITY – knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to act honestly, friendly and with respect towards human values.


• belongs to the network of Estonian regional development centres (www.arenduskeskused.ee)

• has a working cooperation network and good cooperation partners in Ida-Viru County, elsewhere in Estonia and abroad.

• is a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (www.koda.ee)

• is a member of Kirderanniku Koostöökogu (www.kirderannik.ee)

• is one of the founders and a council member of Oil Shale Competence Center (www.pkk.ee)

• is the founder of “Unistused Ellu!” (www.unistusedellu.ee)

• is the supporter and launcher of cooperation and common marketing of six industrial areas in Ida-Viru County (www.ivia.ee)

• is since 2006 the launcher and developer of “Enterprising School” network (www.evkool.ee)

• is since 2009 the leader of Ida-Viru Tourism Cluster (www.discovering-estonia.eu)

• is since 2013 the partner and leader of Viru Film Foundation

• is since 2004 the founder and leader of KARK (cooperation and development chamber, to be more exact – cooperation club of 58 cheerful developers of Ida- Viru County)

• is the best regional development centre in Estonia in 2005

• is the winner of The Estonian Enterprise Promotion Awards in 2006

• is the nominee of The European Enterprise Promotion Awards in 2006

• is the nominee of The Estonian Enterprise Promotion Awards in 2008

• is the best advisor of local municipalities in 2009