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Launched by IVEK, “Enterprising School” is an educational program, which is aimed at integrating enterprise in school system. Different interest groups are working for same common goals – active and caring young people, improving quality of education and increasing young people’s success in life.

Enterprising school offers:

For educational facilities:

  • Coordinating of the network and developing the “Enterprising School” program
  • Improving kindergarten and school environment as well as cooperation
  • Improving knowledge about enterprise in education and counselling educational facilities on its implementation possibilities
  • Trainings, study visits, mentors, guidance materials, Education Festival, database of Good Examples (see the homepage)
  • By implementing a systematic model one can set an example to others
  • Assessing the Standard of enterprise in education and acknowledgement with “Enterprising School’s” quality badge  – flag, Hall of Fame


For municipality:

  • Developing educational facilities towards learning outcomes with higher quality
  • Growing civil society’s awareness and bringing up active youth
  • More active educational facilities, who contribute to local community


For entrepreneur and non-governmental organisation:

  • Supporting educational facilities and partners useful cooperation and administering database in  www.unistusedellu.ee
  • Possibility to be a learning partner and this way enable pupils to see the connection between real life and what is learnt as well as offer hands on learning
  • Possibility to implement company’s social responsibility through contributing in young people’s future, influencing future generations and creating positive image .