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On 14.03.2013 Estonia’s first regional film fund – the Viru Film Fund – was established.

The initiators and financiers of the Fund were four rural municipalities of Ida-Viru County – Toila, Jõhvi, Mäetaguse, and Illuka rural municipalities and NPM Silmet AS. The partners of the Fund were the Ida-Viru Enterprise Center, the Jõhvi Concert Hall, and the Estonian Digital Center

Since 2019, the Viru Film Fund has increased; the Fund’s co-financing comes from the Ida-Viru County program. The regional financiers of the Fund are the Jõhvi rural municipality, the Toila rural municipality, Kohtla-Järve city, the Alutaguse rural municipality, and the Lüganuse rural municipality.

The Fund is open to new donors.


The aim of the Viru Film Fund is to diversify entrepreneurship in Ida-Viru County, promote the production of professional audiovisual works in Ida-Viru County, bring investments to Ida-Viru County, and promote Ida-Viru County in Estonia and abroad.

The Viru Film Fund co-finances films (feature films, documentaries), TV series, and music videos shot in Ida-Viru County

The application conditions can be found at the STATUTES of the Viru Film Fund. 

We expect your applications: from February 10 to October 31.


Please send your application at piia.tamm@ivek.ee